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My Biography

Growing up on a small farm playing with my sisters outside picking berries, snaring rabbits and going hunting and fishing is what I loved to do.  But listening to country music took me to another world.  Mesmerized by the jukebox I knew one day that like, those country artists, I would sing and write my own songs.  As a child Lena suffered a great deal of pain, loss and grew up in poverty; but never let that determine who she was going to be.  She grew up through some hard times but picked herself back up and created a beautiful life for her and her family.  Getting a guitar gifted to her when she was 25.  She started writing music to help heal and start her journey towards bettering her life as a artist and to do what she always wanted to do sing!

* * *

     Lena Daniels is an Indigenous Country Music Artist currently residing in the Treaty 6 territory of; Edmonton, Alberta.  She is apart of Global Country Music, Jack Cooper Studios and has been singing locally for 5 years in the Edmonton area.   In 2020 I took the Mason Victor Artist Development Mentorship offered at no cost by my mentor, Melody McArthur that guided me to get my first grant from Canada Council for the Arts.  With there support I would release my first single," God Took You Home," in the fall of October 2021 reaching number 8 on the Indigenous Music Countdown and played all over including SiriusX Radio.  

* * *

Lena worked on her latest single with songwriter Rian Woolf, Velveteen Studios creating her latest single," Easy To Forget," which was released in April 2023.  She then went onto to working with the amazing videographer Andrew Smith to create the visuals for her first music video for her single, Easy To Forget."  

* * * 

Lena has been working hard this past year becoming apart of the Country Music of Alberta and getting her first official Nomination for Roots Artist of the Year.  Lena couldn't be more humbled and will find out in March 10.

Lena is also on her way to participate in the NACMAI competitions in Pigeon Forge with Global  Country Music.  Along with attending an amazing boot camp seminar and visiting the Grand Old Opry.  

Lena plans to do some more recording and release some more music this year.  


Stay Tuned...  

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