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Lena Daniels Singer / Songwriter

        Lena Daniels is a Treaty 6 Indigenous Country Music Artist originally hailing from Northern Thompson, Manitoba; but  currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta.  Being a proud Indigenous Canadian she fondly and firmly embraces her Cree (nehiyaw) roots. She takes great pride in her heritage and incorporates passion in all her performances.

Lena always has had an extreme passion and love for music, singing gospel hymns in church choir every Sunday as a child. She also excelled in her music class at school entering in any musical performances and or competitions that she could. Having always being captivated and drawn to country music’s soothing sounds and storytelling, Lena loved the voices and stories of country superstars like Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Patty Loveless, The Judd’s and if you know Lena you know she idolizes the music of Loretta Lynn! Also being soulfully inspired by the spirit and charisma of Lady Gaga and any other artist who are unapologetically themselves, something she strives for in her music and everyday life.

Unfortunately, Lena encountered devastating hardships growing up in an unstable and very poor situation. Sex abuse, drug abuse, violence and poverty were all obstacles that she endured at a young age. Many years later through self love, determination and amazing support from her family and friends she was able to process her past and begin to move forward in a healthy and positive way. When singing and writing songs Lena channels her emotions into words and with each letter written she feels freed. As a young aboriginal woman Lena experienced loss through death, and it was one of the hardest things she could have imagined dealing with. At only 2 months old she lost her first-born daughter suddenly from SIDS. Feeling torn apart, lost, bitter and confused, she eventually began channeling her thoughts and words through writing and playing music. Now, many moons later she has completed her first single called “God Took You Home", written with her husband Rian Woolf. There were so many raw emotions that poured into it, truly feeling that any person who has gone through the death of a loved one will immediately relate and connect. Lena strongly felt that completing the song healed her in many ways and was a magnificent process.

In the last few years, Lena has mainly been honing her craft as a singer/songwriter Country Musician. Having performed at a local level for retirement homes, The Carrot House Café, Naked Cyber Café, Cineplex’s Rec Room, and The Downtown Farmers Market and Roots 107.  In July 2020 she completed a 5-week Mason-Victor Artist Development Mentorship offered at no cost for Indigenous Emerging Musicians through Melody McArthur. Then she went on to applying for and winning a Grant from The Canada Council for the Arts who are bringing the arts to life! This essentially opened the door to her dream which was to share her music with as many people possible. “God Took You Home” was completed at the amazing “Velveteen Music Studio,” here in downtown Edmonton,  with the incredible producers Bradley Simons, Randor Lin and Brad Smith.  This song couldn't have come to life without the  extremely talented Rian Woolf song writing talent has no limits. I think that it couldn’t come soon enough considering the current events taking place amidst the revolting Residential School discoveries as well as the MMIWG movement. Lena admits feeling deeply connected and affected. “May they all Rest In Peace under a blanket of love.” She hopes that her song might remind people that they are not alone and that they do not suffer alone. The pain and struggle of loss through death is real for every one of us, as we are left on earth to live. “To be able to face that much pain and stay productive and positive felt like such a personal achievement. We are so very proud of this song and pray everyone enjoys it!”


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